The top careers for infidelity for both men and women

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People cheat on their partners for different reasons. There are also varying levels of cheating, from microcheating to full-blown affairs.

Some evidence even suggests that intelligent people are more likely to want to cheat on their partners.

New survey data from Ashley Madison, the leading dating website that helps married people have affairs, has shown people with certain careers are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners. They asked 1,074 members of Ashley Madison to fill out a survey about their jobs.

Despite straying from their partners, respondents of the survey had a different attitude towards their careers. Nearly half (44%) said they never switch jobs, and those who did said they only did it once every 10 years.

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Let’s face it, leaving aside drunken fumbles at the staff party, men (and women) having affairs do so because there is something seriously wrong in their marriage.

Very often, this is a sexual mismatch, but sometimes it’s just the old “doesn’t understand me” routine – and being a normal excuse doesn’t mean its untrue. If 95% of a married relationship is working well, all that’s needed is a way to fiil that missing 5%.

A “traditional” affair involves enormous amounts of deception, pressure and time management, and if it continues can become a commitment that leads to pressure to break the marriage up.

By contrast, a Sugar Daddy type arrangement can have all the thrills and benefits of an affair, but because it is a more commercial arrangement, firstly removes the commitment issue, and secondly is, almost by definition, time limited, as most Sugar Babies are waiting for their careers to progress, and are bridging their finances in between times.

Some Suga Daddy sites got an(in my view)  undeserved bad reputation because of the number of college kids using them to stay afloat financially

Given the alternative is the ever growing number of porn star students, it’s difficut to see how a discreet arrangement with one guy is so bad compared to a the baggage a lifetime of online porn videos could create.

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Sex, lies and online affairs: why Croydon is the adultery capital of London

An interesting and desperately sad article in the Croydon Advertiser last month revealed that over 18,000 Croydonians are currently signed up to Illicit Encounters, a self-described ‘discreet and confidential extra-marital dating service for men and women’.

None of this is surprising, when you consider that Croydon is the adultery capital of London, a place where infidelity is cited in 14% of divorce petitions in the borough.

For the longest time, we’ve had a culture that idolises sex. It has become a modern ‘god’ – we venerate it in our pop songs, and we serve it with our bodies.

Read more in the Croyden Citizen

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